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Ron and Dorothy Curtis have been actively involved in production agriculture for over forty years with combined acreages in west and east central Illinois. Ron is the fourth generation of his family farm and Dorothy is the third generation of hers. Expansion into real estate occurred in 1993, with the development of a real estate and appraisal business in Macomb by Ron and Dorothy as Broker Owners. In December 2012, after 22 years, they retired from that business to concentrate on actively overseeing their personal real estate and business investments. Along with their son, Grant and his wife Lindsey, Curtis Family Farms, LLC now have the fifth and fourth generations participating for the two combined locations. With the birth of Kane Stuart Curtis on November 14th, 2012, the possibility of the involvement of the sixth and fifth generation participation is a future possibility.

The farming operation consists of producing row crops of corn and soybeans. Grant and Lindsey expanded the operation with a trucking business for hauling of farm grain, dry fertilizer, highway construction materials, and equipment.

Curtis Storage was started in 2002 at the east edge of LaHarpe, Illinois. It now offers forty units of five sizes with storage units for month to month or longer storage.


Grant Curtis of Curtis Family Farms, LLC offers land management and crop production for current property owners and investors.

Following graduation from Southern Illinois University with a degree in agriculture, Grant began his farming career in 2002. The farming operation maintains a full line of current equipment which has GPS (auto tracking) and yield mapping capabilities.

Transportation of commodities is supplied by farm owned semi-trailers which haul directly from farm field locations to grain handling facilities.

In June of 2013, Curtis Land Improvement LLC was organized. Conservation projects of farm drainage, tile installation, grass waterway construction, dry dam installation, and general "clean up" are available by Grant. These are completed with three tiling machines, a bulldozer, a backhoe, a track hoe, a Pit Boss dump trailer, a mini excavator, and an 18 yard box scraper.

Building lots and roadside ditches are seasonally maintained for all property owners.

Grant, Lindsey and Kane along with Ron and Dorothy are members of Trinity Lutheran Church of Macomb. Grant isan officer of the McDonough County Farm Bureau and the 1st Vice President of the Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association.

You can contact Grant and Curtis Family Farms, LLC at (309) 333-3737 or (309) 333-0536 or (309) 456-3730 for more information and assistance to improve your farming investments.

Service Numbers:
Curtis Family Farms, LLC - (309) 333-3737, (309) 333-0536 or (309) 456-3730
Curtis Trucking - (309) 333-3737 or (309) 456-3730
Curtis Storage - (309) 456-3881 or (309) 333-5812